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What is sapphire?

Sapphire is the name that covers all colours of corundum other than red, so although blue sapphire might be the most familiar, we also find many other hues including yellow, green and pink sapphire. 



Sapphires have long been celebrated for their beauty and durability. They began to appear in jewellery some 2000 years ago and were popular in Medieval Europe, where they were thought to stimulate purity in thought and action, as well as to help the wearer bring about peaceful agreements, and delivering protection and wellness. 

Quality factors

Three important quality factors that affect value are colour, clarity and quality of cut. The highest value stones have a good rich colour, they are relatively free from inclusions and have a bright, lively appearance. In the series below, the stones are in order of value per carat, with the highest value on the left. 

In some sapphires and rubies asterism can be seen. It consists of two or three bright bands of light crossing each other to produce a star effect, which is revealed when stones are cut into cabochons. This effect is due to the reflection of light from regularly oriented inclusions or channels within the gems.

Home » The Gemstones » Sapphire